Trends and Benchmarks in South African Influencer Marketing for 2024: Get ahead of the curve

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Hello South Africa

Want to know how your content and collaborations stack up to other creators and brands out there? This is the place where you can find out. Want to know whether you paid more or less on average than other marketers? Again, this is the place.
This short report couples localised trends and benchmarks to help you make more informed decisions and optimise your influencer marketing spend. Use the data to review and forecast the performance of your influencer marketing strategy as a whole, but more importantly, of each of your influencer partners. You can also use this in conjunction with our 2024 free Influencer marketing handbook to sturcture your next influencer marketing program.

These benchmarks were compiled using data from hundreds of thousands of content pieces posted by influencers and thousands of campaigns run between the 1st of January 2023 and the 31st of December in South Africa. If you’re looking for science and reliable numbers, it’s all here.

Included in this report are insights into:

  • What trends will shape influencer marketing in South Africa in 2024
  • Data behind the rise of CPM and CPE in South Africa
  • Benchmarks for views/followers and engagement/views ratios for Instagram, TikTok and Youtube.
  • Benchmarks for organic CPM and CPE ratios for South African creators
The Humanz 2024 Trends and Benchmark report is a must-have for every influencer marketing professional in South Africa.
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