Humanz Launches “Verified by Humanz” to enhance transparency in Influencer Marketing

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We are pleased to announce a significant update to our Humanz app with the introduction of “Verified by Humanz,” a feature designed to improve transparency and trust in influencer marketing. This update aims to empower influencers and provide advertisers with accurate, reliable data, benefiting influencers, marketers, and agencies alike.

Humanz is committed to bridging the gap between influencers and marketers. Our app enables influencers to connect with brands for campaigns, bid on opportunities, learn about influencer marketing through our free academy, and network with peers. The new “Verified by Humanz” feature enhances this experience by allowing influencers to connect their social media accounts via the official APIs of Meta, TikTok, YouTube, and X. Once connected, influencers receive a blue checkmark next to their account in the Humanz app, indicating verified data and offering several benefits.

Benefits of Verified by Humanz:

  • Access to Exclusive Campaigns: Verified influencers can participate in exclusive campaigns, giving them access to high-quality brand collaborations.
  • Invitations to Exclusive Events and Training Sessions: Verified influencers receive invites to special events and advanced training sessions, enhancing their skills and expanding their network.
  • Higher Ranking and Visibility: Verified influencers enjoy higher rankings and increased visibility when bidding on campaigns, improving their chances of securing deals.
  • Better Workflow for Faster Payments: Verification ensures a streamlined workflow, enabling faster payments and a smoother experience.
  • Sharing Real Verified Data: Influencers can share their authentic, verified data with advertisers, even outside the Humanz platform, fostering greater trust and transparency.

This update addresses the problem of inaccurate influencer data. Many advertisers rely on third-party tools that scrape data to estimate influencer performance and audience demographics. These estimates are often inaccurate, leading to misguided decisions and potential harm to influencers’ reputations. The difficulty of obtaining real data through official APIs, which require explicit permission from influencers, has led advertisers to opt for easier but unreliable alternatives.

“Verified by Humanz” changes this by giving influencers control over their data. By connecting their accounts through official APIs, influencers ensure that their performance metrics and audience insights are accurate and trustworthy. This transparency benefits influencers and provides advertisers with the reliable data they need to make informed decisions, leading to more effective marketing campaigns. Talent managers also get access to this update through the free Humanz platform for talent managers.

We are proud of this update and its potential impact on the influencer marketing industry. “Verified by Humanz” is a step towards a more transparent and efficient ecosystem. By empowering influencers to share their real data and providing advertisers with accurate insights, we are fostering an environment where both parties can succeed.

Experience the benefits of “Verified by Humanz” by downloading the latest version of the Humanz app today. For more information, visit our website or contact our support team.

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