Next Generation Analytics For D2C Businesses & Creators In A Cookie-Less World

Track your new customers’ journey from the creators’ content to your sales confirmation page in real-time across platforms, browsers and devices. Improve transparency and creator motivation by providing live and reliable data to your affiliate partners. Sounds too good to be true? Try it for free today.

Live data from online stores using Humanz

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Easy To Integrate Into All Leading Ecommerce Platforms

The Humanz Pixel has been developed to work across all leading Ecommerce platforms and can be installed in minutes within your theme or tag manager. This means that you can optimise your creator campaigns no matter which platform you host your store on.

Work with your favourite creators or Recruit more effortlessly

Add the creators you already work with to your program in just a few clicks or create a campaign within the Humanz Marketplace and start to receive bids from a pool of hundreds of thousands of creators. Use Humanz data to vet their content and audiences, and to compare and forecast their expected performance.

Less work More sales

Tired of creating individual coupon codes and links? Humanz automatically generates custom links for each creator. Creators can also generate their own to deep-link to a specific product or page.

Empower & reward Creators
Who grow your business

Online businesses that use Humanz receive more content and more sales from the creators they work with. Why? Humanz technology allows them to carefully select the right creators to hand over control to them and shares live performance and earnings data between both parties. A real partnership based on trust to deliver superior ROI.

Build new benchmarks & compare to other channels In Real Time

Analyse your full social commerce funnel with live data on sales generated, SKU’s sold, coupons redeemed, sales over time as well as detailed information on the performance of each creator within the campaign. Compare performance and benchmarks within your category and your other acquisition channels, whether paid or organic.

leveraging the power of creators

Unleash The Power Of Valuable Creators Today.

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