The expert guide to influencer marketing in 2023

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Did you know that the average ROAS of influencer marketing is around 4x but less than 50% of all influencer marketing campaigns results in positive ROAS? Did you also know that 20% of influencers/creators are responsible for 80% of sales for marketers and less than 5% are responsible for more than 50%? 

Both the adoption of influencer marketing by brands, agencies and e-commerce platforms and the number people working as influencers/creators is growing at an incredible rate, which can sometimes make it feel like research and knowledge to drive best practices is lagging behind.

We’ve put together this quick guide for our teams and partners to help them understand the fundamentals of putting together an effective influencer marketing strategy, as well as some greatest hazards and pitfalls. This report is based on lessons learnt by our teams of customer success managers and generously shared by some of our top customers, with key findings from analyzing over 3000+ campaigns run through the Humanz platform. 

As always, we’ve done our best to create an effective executive summary that covers only the most important points and highlights practical applications. This guide should help with you the most valuable steps to run a successful influencer marketing program in 2023.

You will find inside:

  • An explanation of how creators can create ROAS for marketers
  • A simple framework to define your goals & how you will measure ROAS
  • The steps to a successful influencer marketing initiative
  • How to select the right channels & creators for your program
  • Tips on setting budgets and keeping creators motivated.

So we hope you find this short guide interesting and it helps you whether you are working as a creator, an advertiser, an agent, or all 3 of these at once.

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