The Metrics That Matter When Working With Influencers vs Content Creators in 2023

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There is a shift in the world of Influencer Marketing. We’ve seen this shift and we’ve had a massive revamped our data systems to reflect these changes, we’re calling it Humanz 2.0. 

Our objectives for the revamp were to: 

  1. Ensure compliance with the latest global legal frameworks for data collection and policies from social networks to better safeguard our clients, and
  2. Offer more differentiated data on influencers vs creators and an even more accurate representation of which of the creators you are working with are truly influencing their followers, allowing you to empower and reward them accordingly.

The terms “influencer” and “content creator” can no longer be used interchangeably. Knowing the difference between the 2 will not only shape the way in which you work but it will also impact the outcome of your campaigns and how you measure their success.

In this document you will discover: 

  • The main differences between influencers and creators and how to effectively tell them apart
  • How to work with influencers vs creators and how this will impact how you measure their performance
  • Which metrics matter most to you when working with influencers and vs creators 
  • How to use Humanz data and tools to manage these relationships and make your job easier
  • Consideration to keep in mind when working with influencers and creators, managing relationships, remuneration and working agreements 

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