An Overview of the Creator Economy in 2022

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Everyone is talking about the creator economy nowadays, from VC investors and tech startups, to social media platforms, legacy media companies, D2C brands, online retailers or even financial services companies. The topic has become so broad that it’s pretty easy to get lost, even when you supposedly work in the industry itself.

We’ve put together this quick guide for our teams and partners to help them understand the fundamental numbers, dynamics and what’s actually at stake. As always, we’ve done our best to create an effective executive summary that covers only the most important points and highlights practical applications.
You will find inside:

  • What the term “creator economy” actually refers to
  • The size of the addressable market in 2022
  • What the creator journey looks like & how they make money
  • Why influencer marketing is so deeply connect to the creator economy
  • What we know about influencer marketing in 2022
So we hope you find this short report interesting and it helps you whether you are working as a creator, advertiser, investor or just looking to buff up your general knowledge ahead of trivia night.

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