10 US Fitness Creators Worth Following

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Are you bored with your current workout routine and looking for something new to try?

Then Look no further! This week we are celebrating the fitness industry by sharing a list of 10 fitness creators worth following in the United States! Regardless if you are a home-body or a regular gym-goer, our list of influencers will bring you inspiration and make exercising wherever you chose to do it! 

Check out some of the creators from our list below and be sure to click on the link below to view the FULL list for some fitness inspiration!
*Please note that this list is in random order and is not ranked by priority

Tai Sanders

Tai Sanders


Tai Sanders is a social media creator, fitness instructor, and certified personal trainer.

 Tai specializes in online coaching and has built a loyal following through his content where he shares workout routines, tips and tricks, and lifestyle. 

IG Profile:

 Kristie Sita

Kristie Sita is a social media and fitness creator who is widely known for sharing inspiration and workouts throughout her channels.

Through her amazing workout videos and story as an amputee, Kristie has an overall fanbase of 800,000 followers. 

 IG Profile: @kristiesita

Evan Childs

Evans Child

Evan Childs is a LGBTQ social media creator, fitness instructor, and personal trainer. 

Her Instagram account is full of workout tips and her 12-week Alpha Female workout regiment is viral amongst fitness lovers. 

IG Profile:

Unleash the power of Valuable Creators.

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