Humanz Platform Updates May 2023

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There have been some exciting new changes to the Humanz platform and we would like to share them with you. Have you seen any of these changes yet? What do you think? Send us an email and let us know, we would like to hear from you. 

Search for influencer stories based on the caption they used

You can search for specific stories when you’re trying to attach them to your campaign. The search will pull out any stories that include a specific brand mention, hashtag or text caption, making it easier for you to find the relevant stories your influencers posted. This will only apply to text and not stickers.

This image is an example from a brand named We searched for king.kong which filtered all the stories relevant to the campaign.


Chats – Deleted Messages

If you send the wrong text to the wrong influencers, you can revert the text by hovering with the mouse on the text, clicking on the arrow, and deleting the message.


View “Add-to-Cart” and “Checkouts” in the ROI reports 

You can now see the number of people who have clicked on your influencers’ links, added items to their cart or visited the checkout page. You can use this as an indicator of purchase intent for visitors who may come back later in the month to purchase or go to one of your stories instead.


Campaign archive for influencers


Influencers can now archive campaigns in the app. They can view all the archived campaigns and they can decide to restore it if they wish.



Instagram API permissions reduced 


 We have received a concern from the influencers regarding the list of permissions needed to approve the Instagram API connection. We worked with Meta and reduced the number of permissions influencers need to allow Humanz, including the most problematic one which was “Manage your account”. Now we have a list with 4 permissions which are all read-only.



Top products sold for the influencers


Influencers can now see their top-selling products inside the app, along with their total sales value and commissions earned. This can help them understand what products and categories they should feature in their content when working with you.





  • General performance upgrades
  • Add your boosted impressions if you promoted posts via paid media
  • New rules and verification process for influencers under the age of 18
  • Updates to our T&Cs and Privacy Policy

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