What Is Influencer Marketing, Really?

Join us for "Under the Influence" - a refreshingly candid podcast tackling one burning question about influencer marketing at a time. Our engaging hosts and special guests dive deep into topics like the creator economy, brand partnerships, trends and strategies through real, unfiltered conversations. Whether you're an influencer, brand marketer or just a curious observer, this inclusive podcast welcomes all perspectives. Each short episode leaves you informed and inspired to weigh in with your own views and experiences on influencer marketing. Because your voice matters just as much as the experts' when it comes to influencing change.

Latest Episodes

CMO Explains | What Is Influencer Marketing and Why It Matters

Is influencer marketing just advertising in disguise or something more authentic? Host Kopano and Humanz CMO Pierre Cassuto tackle this hot question head-on. They debate whether influencers must give fully honest reviews, warts and all, or if brand control inevitably means deception and manipulation. Pierre makes a bold claim about the power of transparency. This pull-no-punches discussion will make you rethink influencer marketing from the ground up. Is honesty crucial or an unrealistic ideal? Get ready to have your assumptions challenged. Tune in to this episode and contribute to the conversation!

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