How Humanz worked with Zara to deliver Africa’s biggest influencer campaign on record.

The Brief

World renowned fashion powerhouse Zara approached Humanz to implement an influencer marketing campaign to communicate the imminent launch of Zara’s new e-commerce platform.

Number of influencers used:


Pieces of content created:


Channels used:


The Target Audience

The campaign spoke to South Africans from all walks of life who all shared the unique brand traits of a Zara shopper.

The selection criteria

A key differentiator for this campaign was the creator selection process, as Humanz primarily enlisted the services of people who had never been invited to participate in an influencer campaign prior to this one. Through Humanz technology, the team was able to identify a large number of smaller but highly influential content creators with no prior record of influencer marketing, matched against a stringent set of underlying personality traits, content aesthetics, as well as audience demographics and interest that were best suited to the Zara brand

The role of influencers

Creators would receive a gift voucher physically delivered to their address PLUS exclusive early access to the Zara e-commerce platform. Influencers were tasked with documenting the entire journey from the receiving of their gift cards, to their online experience and finally receiving their order.



Impressions Goal


Impressions Achieved

+ 0 %



Engagements Goal


Engagements Achieved

+ 0 %


This unique and refreshing approach provided incredible results for the Zara brand, with South Africans applauding them for doing things a little differently and causing a stir in the industry. The campaign went on to be the first African campaign to ever trend number ONE on Twitter globally and saw thousands of new users rush to the new Zara Ecommerce platform.

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