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L'Oreal paris - Humanz BeautyTok

The Brief

Our campaign with L’Oréal Paris focused on the Turkish market and therefore, as part of the joint collaboration, we took the “BeautyTok” concept of TikTok and translated it into Turkish to appeal to the target audience of the campaign. TikTok created a special song for the campaign and activated it in Turkey to leverage #TTMMBI there. The influencers used hashtags such as hairtok, make-uptok, and skintok in order to embrace different areas in TikTok and increase sales.

Number of influencers used:


Pieces of content created:


Channels used:

TikTok & Instagram

L'Oreal paris - Humanz BeautyTok

The Target Audience

Women between the ages of 15-35

The selection criteria

In choosing influencers, Humanz looked for names with high interaction and sales power from the beauty niche, as well as names that would be able to produce amazing advertising content.

The role of influencers

As part of our influencer TikTok campaign, our influencers shared content on a range of categories, including hair, make-up, and skin care products, in order to motivate their followers to purchase.



Impressions Goal


Impressions Achieved

+ 0 %



Engagement Achieved


Clicks Achieved

+ 0 %


This campaign involved the creation of 27 content pieces with 22 influencers in one week. With all of them, our advertised content has reached a variety of audiences and generated a lot of impressions. As a result, we exceeded our targeted and expected interaction rate, and we succeeded in creating an entirely new and creative trend specific to TikTok.

a look at some of our favourite content

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