Huggies Baby Wipes.

How Humanz helped Huggies Save The World… One baby wipe at a time! 30 NUMBER OF

The Brief

Huggies recently launched their new #TiniestFootprtint initiative and approached Humanz to catalyze a conversation around the importance of a plastic free society.

Number of influencers used:


Pieces of content created:


Channels used:


The Target Audience

Parents with young children under 2 years of age.

The selection criteria

Parents of young children who were strong content creators & story tellers and whose audience was perfectly aligned to Huggies core target market.

The role of influencers

There are few images that stop users scrolling their feeds more than pictures of cute babies on their milestone mats. It was this insight that sparked the creative idea of reimagining the milestone mat to bring to life the impact that babies were having on the environment by using Huggies wipes. Influencers were briefed with taking images of their babies on their milestone mats and then highlighting not only how old the baby was but also how many straws they have ALREADY saved the world from.



Engagements Goal


Engagements Achieved

+ 0 %



Impressions Goal


Impressions Achieved

+ 0 %


The combination of a unique and well thought out creative strategy paired with the PERFECT mix of influencers resulted not only in campaign results far outperforming industry benchmarks but also, more importantly, the shifting of peoples mindsets to a more plastic free world.

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