Cipla Pharmaceuticals

How Humanz helped Cipla Pharmaceuticals raise awareness around testicular cancer.

The Brief

South African scrumhalf Faf De Klerk was thrown into the international spotlight when a video* went viral featuring him meeting Prince Harry in his South African Speedo following the Springboks’ World Cup win. At the exact same time, Humanz was approached by world renowned pharmaceutical manufacturer Cipla, to implement an influencer marketing campaign to help raise awareness of testicular cancer and break the stigma amongst men by directing them to an educational website on how to do routine checks.

Number of influencers used:


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The Target Audience

Males who are of an age to be impacted by testicular cancer.

The selection criteria

Only a few days after their World Cup win, the Springboks were the hottest ticket in South Africa and almost unapproachable. Thanks to the incredible relationships within the Humanz community and the meaningfulness of the cause, Humanz was given access anyone they wanted on the team. Using its propriety technology and algorithms, Humanz looked for a combination of Springboks that would provide the largest unique reach for the campaign within a diverse audience and high engagement. Other support influencers were also chosen, based on their creative ability and proven past influence as content creators able to spark responses from their followers.

The role of influencers

Faf De Klerk was tasked with challenging his team mates and fellow South Africans to post pictures of themselves in their own speedos with the aim of starting a conversation around testicular cancer and making it a more approachable topic amongst men. Influencers picked up on the challenge using the #fafchallenge campaign hashtag and amplified the conversation within their audiences .



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Impressions Achieved

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Engagements Achieved

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This unique and lighthearted approach provided incredible results for the campaign, with many everyday South Africans taking up the challenge and creating noise about this incredibly important topic. Media deemed the campaign newsworthy at large, with an incredible amount of coverage, both locally and internationally. The official hashtag for the campaign #FafChallenge, began to trend soon after our team went live and quickly rose to the number 1 trending topic in South Africa on Twitter. The Hashtag remained trending for upwards of 5 days as South Africans continued their conversations around the campaign and its unique approach. which resulted in over 36 000 unique visitors to their website.

See The Video Case Study Below:

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