American Swiss

How Humanz helped American Swiss break through the noise on Mothers Day!

The Brief

To position American Swiss as a jewelry brand that acknowledges ALL of the hard work that goes into being a mother.

Number of influencers used:


Pieces of content created:


Channels used:


The Target Audience

Mom’s who are celebrating life and their individuality.

The selection criteria

Using Humanz Proprietary algorithms and deep social data American Swiss were able to identify a team of Influencers who were not only mothers themselves but also carried an above average level of clout and influence within the parenthood interest category.

The role of influencers

Trying to capture a Mom’s attention using overly copywritten & blatantly designed generic banner ads would have totally missed the mark. It was imperative that American Swiss were able to find REAL people who could send REAL messages of affirmation and acknowledgement to the moms in their lives.



Engagements Goal


Engagements Achieved

+ 0 %



Impressions Goal


Impressions Achieved

+ 0 %


American Swiss were able to stand out amongst the noise of Mothers Day by using a team of perfectly suited REAL people speaking heartfelt and relatable truths. The proof of success is evident in engagement rates ranking 6x the industry average, the majority of which came from audience members reposting the influencers content and tagging their own mama’s.

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