10 US Travel Creators Worth Following

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After all staying at home for a long time its finally time for the skies to open and for us to begin exploring the world again!

This week we are celebrating by sharing 10 travel creators worth following in South Africa whose content will get you excited to start packing your bags and start planning your next trip.

Check out some of the creators from our list below and be sure to click on the link below to view the FULL list for some travel inspo!

*Please note that this list is in random order and is not ranked by priority

Jess Wandering



Jess Wandering is a creator and travel blogger based in Seattle. Through her love for traveling, taking photos, and making memories, Jess has accumulated over 894,000 followers. Follow Jess Wandering to find captivating stories, bucket list destinations, and off-the-beaten-track experiences from all over the world.

Instagram Profile: @jess.wandering


Wandering far and wide with a camera in hand, Emilie Ristevski is a photographer and creator behind @helloemilie. Through her social media following she has an overall following of 1.3 million. Her talent and meaningful story telling through the camera has led her to all corners of the planet.

Instagram Profile: @helloemilie


Annie is a travel blogger and content creator who is Chinese-born, American-raised, Southern-rooted gal with a passion for travel. Her social media platform of over 146,000 and travel blog creates a space for others go any where. She shares tips and advice about places to visit and all the hidden gems!

Instagram Profile: @goanniewhere

Unleash the power of Valuable Creators.

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