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Data-driven SaaS platform for influencer marketing at scale

A complete and flexible suite of data-driven influencer marketing products and services to enable your teams to achieve positive influencer marketing ROI at scale.

  • Direct-to-consumer & Enterprise
  • Self-service & Agency-managed
  • Search, data, reporting & A-Z workflow
  • Local in-country support
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"It’s Humanz that's the standard bearer. They’ve raised the bar again for everyone, if not for new features, then for an incomparable user experience. Interfacing with Humanz is a downright enjoyable experience."

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Building a better & more sustainable industry

Fraud, influencer fatigue and inability to scale, we know influencer marketing is not always living up to its full potential. It’s why we have made it our mission to build technology, data and content that make influencer marketing safer, better, easier, and help grow the industry sustainably for marketers, online content creators and influencers.

Humanz is trusted by customers jointly worth over $1T

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What makes Humanz different

Stop spending your influencer marketing budget, invest it.

Deep social auditing

Using cutting-edge image recognition and natural-language-processing combined with deep AI and machine learning, Humanz analyses and verifies all potential influencers, every single piece of content they have ever posted and every single one of their followers for 100% data integrity. No purchased third party data. No shallow algorithms.

Designed in partnership with customers

Humanz’ workflow solutions and products were built hand-in-hand with half a dozen customers types to overcome the challenges they faced, ranging from in-house marketing teams at D2C brands, enterprise marketers working with external agencies, or large PR, media and creative agencies. Work with a team that truly cares about your success.

Flexible solutions for every scenario

Work with your internal teams or with your agencies. Select from a large number of campaign templates. Invite influencers privately or open up your campaign publicly to receive bids. Contract directly with creators or via their agent. Access the full Humanz solution or only the features you need. Stop working according to someone else’s rules. Work your way without artificial limits.

Local knowledge & support

Influencer marketing is a local game. That’s why Humanz has offices and experienced local representatives in every country in which it is available as a solution. No offshore call centre or long wait times for support. Learn and grow with Humanz in your city and in your language.

Real ROI + benchmarks

72,3% of all stats may be made up but sales are something you cannot fake. Understand the performance of your influencer marketing spend via the Humanz funnel, from true reach and engagement to clicks and conversions. Build your own benchmarks and data over time and compare them to the rest of the market.

Loved by influencers too

Influencer marketing is all about collaboration between brands and influencers yet most platforms only focus on marketers. Humanz provides free tools for influencers to become better at their craft, meet other creators and work together but also protects them through advanced security features, guaranteed contracts and payments. Don’t drive creators to a platform they don’t like and pay a premium.

Built for your success
D2C & e-commerce

Empower your marketing teams with Humanz to drive high-quality traffic to your websites and measure the sales ROI of influencer marketing activities. Make scaling nearly effortless and enable integration into other marketing activities such as promotional campaigns, competitions, paid media re-marketing, product sampling or market research.


Enable your internal teams or agency partners to work off one set of data, tools, benchmarks and reports. Centralise and control access rights, briefs, progress, approvals, reports, contracts and payments with full transparency and a complete audit trail. Review and compare performance and sales impact over time of brands, influencers and suppliers.


Generate new revenues and grow your margins. Improve the quality, scale and ease of your influencers campaigns while committing fewer resources. Join the Humanz partnership program for additional pitching opportunities and campaign revenues.


Are you an expert user or do you need some hand-holding? Pick from 1 of 3 highly flexible commercial options depending on your needs and level of comfort.

Self-service SAAS

Designed for expert marketers and agencies who run influencer marketing campaigns either manually or using another platform.
Humanz will help you prove ROI from day 1 while also making your job far easier.

  • Access all the features you need to run influencer marketing programmes or campaigns
  • Build your own influencer data, ratings and benchmarks from day 1 
  • Use the platform yourself and/or open access to your agency partners 
  • Monitor sales impact, performance and payments in real-time with full transparency
Hybrid models

Designed for marketers and agencies starting out with influencer marketing or without resources to run a program in-house. Humanz can connect you to resources and partners to run campaigns inside your own account. You retain visibility and start building your own data and benchmarks from day 1 even if your team is not 100% ready.

  • Access all the features and benefits of Humanz within a fully-serviced or partially-managed solution 
  • Work directly with Humanz Customer Success Managers or Certified Agency Partners
  •  Access the Humanz influencer marketing academy, Humanz secret playbook and other training programmes
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