When to post content as an influencer

Simplified insight breakdown. Most people have been asking what time/ day is better to post on Instagram . And we’ve all been saying check your insights coz every account is different. Picture 1 – Hours and number of active people. This means that on your following at that hour the is …numbers of people active . The higher the number the better it is to post. This works much better for people who post everyday. Picture 2- Days and total number of active people on your account per day.
Dark blue- Days you should consider posting on , high activity
Light Blue- Days you can post on, medium activity
Very light blue- you probably should maximize engagement on those days, low activity. This works best for people who post a 3/4 times a week not everyday. So let’s say you have now decided you will post on Wednesday (dark blue), you will not post at any hour on Wednesday, you will need to check what hour on Wednesday are your followers most active and take advantage of that. The same is true for other days to. I hope this helps clarify how to read your insights and use them

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