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The Humanz Influencer Marketing Academy is open for registration! And to celebrate its launch, we are making it available FOR FREE to all registered members on Humanz to learn influencer marketing or improve their existing skills. The course is designed to teach fundamentals and offer practical insights to both digital marketers and online content creators. It is hosted by world-famous actress Pearl Thusi, a hugely successful influencer and product marketer in her own right. Marketers > Register here for free access Influencers/creators > Download our app here to register for free
Why the academy? A successful collaboration between an influencer and a marketer requires each side to trust and understand the other. Yet all tutorial content around influencer marketing is normally written for one side or the other. The Humanz influencer academy is a unique course designed for both sides, to help better understand what the other one wants and expects. Once they have completed the course, both marketers and influencers should understand what a successful collaboration looks like and have a practical understanding of how to build it. Who is the academy for? Marketers who want a better and more practical understanding of influencer marketing, agencies who are expected to deliver successful campaigns for their clients, and content creators who want to improve their attractiveness, content and ability deliver results for marketers. Beyond the knowledge they will gain, marketers and influencers who complete the course will also get a badge inside Humanz and improved visibility.
What is included in the academy? In the academy you will find tutorials and answers to questions such as:
  • Why are marketers interested in influencer marketing and what are the potential risks for them?
  • What can influencers be expected to deliver practically speaking for marketers and how should they charge?
  • What are the characteristics of a good influencer? Why is trust and authenticity so critical?
  • How can one create great collaboration content?
  • How can influencer marketing help drive sales?
Here is a preview of the kind of content you will find in the academy below as well:
So what are you waiting for? Marketers > Register here for free access Influencers/creators > Download our app here to register for free

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