Welcome to the Humanz Community Board

When we first launched Humanz less than 2 years ago, we never imagined how big this creator community would grow. While our initial focus was to build the ultimate influencer solution for marketers, we came to realise once we launched the app how underserved the creator community was and how much more fulfilling it was to add value on that side of playing field too.

That’s why we’re launching the community board with today’s update; a place where we can communicate better with you, share news and interesting content, and where we can also better answer your questions. Because this community is incredibly generous with one another, we’ll also be sharing lessons and advice from some of the top creators within the Humanz community. So please check it out, and leave us your thoughts and feedback below. This is your community and we’re grateful to have you here.

If you are looking at this post on our website, then make sure to download the Humanz app to join the community and add your voice too, whether you are an influencer, a creator or a marketer.

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