Understanding your Humanz data as an influencer

Your Humanz data is our gift to you! We want to help you make the most of your influencer profile, connect with brands you love and develop your personal brand, the information on your data profile will help you with that goal. Below, we’ve broken down each section of your data profile to understand what it means and what you can do with the information.

Your Humanz score indicates your overall profile rating on each social media platform. The score is out of 100 and reflects the quality of your real and active followers and the level of engagement on your profile. Keep an eye on your score and work towards increasing it; the higher your Humanz score, the more valuable you are to brands.

Your engagement is made up of the number of likes, comments and shares your posts receive each month. Your engagement is important because it shows that your followers are connecting with your content, showing that they care and find value in what you’re sharing with them. Use this to track your all social media platforms performance in one place. 

A breakdown of the types of accounts that follow you. Real people and influencers are the most valuable, while mass followers are fans of thousands of profiles and are unlikely to see your content. Suspicious accounts follow absolutely everyone, see the section below for more info on who they are and what they mean. 

These are the five main categories of content that your followers are interested in. It’s not necessarily what they follow you for, and includes things they themselves post about, like or comment on. Use this data to explore new angles for your content and grow your engagement further.

All accounts have suspicious followers whether they like it or not. We’re showing you a small sample as a starting point so that you can go through your profile and block accounts that may be bringing down your Humanz score. 

Now that you have a better understanding of your Humanz profile, we hope you can use this information to build and grow your social media channels, connect with your followers and form lasting working relationships with brands that you’re passionate about.

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