Understanding influencer data inside Humanz

One of the things that make Humanz unique is that it analyses and vets the public profiles or not only influencers but of every single one of their followers too, separating their real and active followers from bots, bought followers, hacked accounts, follow-for-follower schemes and other mass followers to show you numbers and data for the influencer’s “real audience”. 
Humanz impressions will give you a truer representation of reach, along with the influencer’s real engagement rate. Humanz will also show you demographic, geographic and interest data for these real and active followers, taking out any of the noise. This will ultimately help you understand the potential fit of the influencer to the brand and its target market by comparing the influencer claims to be about and what their followers actually care about. Additional metrics available include activity frequency, a good measure of content creation frequency, and engagement rate, one of the better measures of content resonance and creative ability. All this data is available inside Humanz for any influencer in your territory with a public profile on Instagram or Twitter. Profiles for TikTok and Youtube creators include other important data such as average views over time.  But it takes more than stats and data to figure out whether an influencer collaboration is likely to bear fruits. Influencers who downloaded the Humanz app also have the opportunity to  better introduce themselves to marketers by creating their own portfolio, including an intro video, their bio as a creator, standard rate-card, as well as a showcase of their top content and past collaborations. Deciding on the right influencer partners can be complicated but it’s much easier with the right information at your fingertips.

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