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Top tips for aspiring influencers

Even if you’re a talented content creator, it’s not always easy being noticed by other people on social media, growing your audience or (gasp) being picked by an advertiser when you bid on their campaign via Humanz. Here is some of the advice we’ve gathered for you from some of the top content creators within the Humanz community.
Understand your social media profile
In this social age it’s easy to use the latest editing trends to turn your Instagram feed into a money-making machine. But before we can get there here are a few things to consider:
Have you chosen a well-defined niche?
All businesses have a niche. If you’re considering monetizing your account, you need to have an angle. What are you passionate about? Is it travel? DIY or wellness? Don’t attach yourself to a “trending” niche just to ride the momentum. Choose a topic you are genuinely passionate about, that will add value to your followers. Define your passion, then develop your social personality around that broader category.
Track your engagement
Having a large following is only a partial representation of the bigger picture. Your engagement rate plays a crucial role as well. Over the past couple of years, brands have benefitted from working with niche influencers. They are more cost effective and tend to have a higher engagement rate than mega-stars. The reason being that smaller influencers can focus on creating authentic content that connects with their audience. They’ll have the time to respond to comments. From a brand perspective, they drive more value because people are most likely to buy products based on recommendations they receive from a reliable source. You can always calculate your engagement rate. Brands on our platform have access to this when viewing your profile.
Engage in trending topics and conversation
In today’s world, we have instant access to social media. Interesting conversations are taking place 24/7. There are plenty of trending conversations around your niche, use hashtags to track these conversations and do not be afraid to engage in the conversations.
Influencer marketing gives you access to communities of digital content creators in the same (or different) niche. Find influencers in your niche and start engaging with them. This allows for other brands, influencers and audiences to notice you.
These are some of the favourite tips we received. Have you tried all of the above? How do you think you could further improve your profile?

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