Introducing the new Humanz ambassador reports

What is an Ambassador Report? Ambassador reports let you track the performance of influencers for specific brands or campaigns that are not being briefed and managed through the Humanz platform. Many customers use it to track what brand ambassadors are saying or doing (hence the name) but others also use it for campaigns. This feature doesn’t let you find, contact, brief, approve, contract or pay influencers, just track their performance. What platforms can Ambassador Reports track? Twitter and Instagram. How much do Ambassador Reports cost? You will be billed monthly for the report, based on the package you select. You can choose 1 of 3 packages available, depending on how many influencers you want to be able to track simultaneously: 10, 50 or 100. I don’t need the report anymore. How do I stop it? You can stop the report on the page that lists all your Insights reports by clicking on the Hand symbol. Your report will be stopped from this point forward and you will no longer get billed for it.
How do I set-up an Ambassador Report? Click on Insights and Create new. Select one of the 3 packages depending on how many influencers you want to be able to track for this report. Then add each influencer by clicking on Add new and filling in their names and social media handles. Please note that you cannot track accounts with less than 1000 followers.
Fill in what hashtags or mentions you want to track. If you add multiple hashtags or mentions, the report will track posts that mention ANY of them. Click on Save, and you are done. Can I change hashtags, mentions or influencers? Yes, you can do so at any time. You also won’t lose the data and statistics you had previously collected but the report will stop tracking these influencers, hashtags or mentions from that point forward. I need to track more influencers. Can I upgrade my report? Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your report at any time by clicking on My Plan at the top of your screen. If you upgrade your plan in the middle of a month, you will be charged a pro-rata for that month. If you downgrade your plan during a month, the change will only take effect at the start of the next month.
Can Ambassador Reports track stories? Stories cannot be automatically tracked right now, but you can add them manually to the report. Go to the Edit screen and click on the + sign next to the influencer’s name. 
Go to Stories and then click on Add link. You will need to get a screenshot of the story and analytics from the influencer. Upload the screenshot and enter the views count and any engagements displayed in the analytics sent to you by the influencer. If there is a specific hashtag or mention in the story, you can also add it here. Don’t forget to click on Save afterwards.
When should I set-up an Ambassador Report? The best time to set-up an ambassador report is before influencers have started posting. Content that has already been posted prior to you creating the report may or may not be picked up.  Some of the posts I need are not showing up, what should I do? Maybe the post happened before you started the report, or the influencer used the wrong hashtag or mention? You can still add it manually by going to the Edit screen and click on the + sign next to the relevant influencer’s name. Then click on Add Link and copy-paste the full URL of the Instagram post or Tweet you want to add to the report.
Why are clicks not being tracked? In order for clicks to be tracked, you need to create a Humanz link and make sure influencers are using their own unique link. Set-up the link and where it must redirect to in the Edit section. 
Then click on the Link icon next to each influencer’s profile to get their own unique link. Make sure to send it to them so they can use it 🙂 You can even edit where each link redirects towards, allowing you to either add different destinations, custom landing pages for each influencer, or even conversion tracking.
How do I share my report with the rest of my team or clients? Click on Share Report at the top of your screen to create a new dashboard view, with customisable filters, KPI’s and comments. You can choose what period you want to show the report for, specific hashtags, mentions or influencers you want to include. Leaving any of these blank will default to sharing everything on your Ambassador Report. You can also edit the KPI’s you want to report against and add any comments that will be viewable by whoever you share the report with. You can create as many views as you want.

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