Influencer scams to avoid

? HOW INFLUENCERS GET SCAMMED BY BRANDS ON INSTAGRAM !⚠️ With so many brands tapping into the influencer marketing space to advertise their products, some of the influencers might or have fallen into a trap of being scammed by these brands. These brands often leave comments under influencer’s posts, such as “ Hey honey, you looking stunning! DM us for a collaboration”. In most cases, such collaboration are scams ! they want you to purchase their products at a discount. Being scammed in the past, I decided to write down  few tips that will help you identify a potential collaboration scam on your Instagram. Before you seal that deal or “secure the bag” ??, u might wanna check these red flags ? Red flags : Instagram collaboration scams: 1. When the brand asks for collaboration under the comments section
2. The page doesn’t look authentic, usually fewer posts , less engagement
3. The collaboration deal doesn’t make sense
4. you are asked to DM immediately, to seal the deal!
5. The brand asks you to pay a certain amount of money to promote their product e.g. 70% discount for exchange
6. The brand’s tone is very casual or unprofessional These scammers target micro influencers (because of their small following) because most marketers assume that microinfluencers have little experience and are typically easy target. Have you encountered this before ? Let’s share
Whenever you see these counderstand that its not genuine collaboration. Its scammers!

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