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Humanz Deals? What’s the idea?

We’re blessed to have seen the growth of this amazing community with close to 50,000 active users across Turkey, South African and Israel. And while spend from advertisers on influencers in these countries is growing fast too, it’s still not growing as fast as the number of creators of the number of bids we receive on the average campaign.
Over the last couple of months, we’ve been trialling something new called a “Humanz deal” where marketers offer a massive discount, instead of a cash payment, to creators with the Humanz app. These work on a first-come-first-serve basis and end when the advertiser runs out of discounts. This will hopefully give a chance to creators with smaller audiences who don’t normally get picked to work with advertisers too and hopefully get noticed for future campaigns.
We’re experimenting and don’t know if it will work so for now, these are mixed with other campaigns and just flagged with a special “Discount” banner on them. We are also not charging anything to influencers or advertisers for, just hoping to create a win-win for both.
What do you think of this feature? Have you participated in any of the Deals campaign?

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