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How to place a bid on the Humanz app

How to place a bid on the Humanz app. Running your first influencer campaign on the Humanz app is thrilling and exciting! Here is a handy guide to make sure you feel ready, equipped, and confident to bid for campaigns. 1. Live Campaigns The first step is to check out all the live campaigns on the Humanz feed. Then, find the campaigns that best fit your niche and brand. When opening the campaign that you’re interested in, read the brief as it contains all the information you need, including the tasks, payment and terms and conditions. An important tip to remember is to only bid for campaigns that are within your niche. For example, if you are a fashion influencer, only bid for fashion or lifestyle-related campaigns. 2. The Selection Process Once you’ve placed your bid, advertisers’ vet every profile and select the influencers they want to work with. Some advertisers take a while to select the final list of influencers so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear back for a while. If the campaign fits your brand and you’ve already created similar content in your own capacity, send the campaign manager and advertiser a short motivation explaining why you are best suited. 3. Check your direct messages on the Humanz app Look out for private invites in your inbox. Brands use the Humanz platform to find influencers for campaigns, provided that you fit the brief and meet the minimum requirements. They’ll reach out to you directly and you can either accept or reject their offer. If you’d like to participant in the campaign, but you’re not satisfied with the payment, you can negotiate the rate until both parties are happy.
All this is done on the Humanz app. 4. Make sure you understand the brief The creative brief is the foundation of the campaign. It outlines the advertiser’s vision and ensures that everyone is on the same page. So, make sure you understand the brief and tasks in full before placing a bid or accepting an invite. The campaign managers are there for guidance and support. 5. Notifications Keep your notifications on so that you are in the loop when you’ve been selected for a campaign. The campaign manager will communicate with you through the chat function in the app. Don’t worry, you’ll never be spammed with unnecessary notifications, we just don’t want you missing out on important info.

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