How to find influencers using Humanz

The Humanz search engine lets you find influencers across the world who have public profiles across Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or TikTok. This includes numerous influencers with the Humanz app and all the ones without as well.

You can search for potential influencers based on :

  • any keyword; whether a hashtag, mention, caption, tagged location, bio or highlight;
  • The influencer’s location and demographics;
  • The influencer interests and average content performance;
  • But also interests, location and demographics of their real and active audience.

Playing with different combination of these filters and the multiple sorting parameters available will let you find the right influencers for your business, however you choose to define them, ranging from well-know mainstream names to niche specialists and existing influential customers or prospects.

With Humanz, you have the power to find the best potential real influencers for your business, however you choose to define them.

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