How to create and read an influencer campaign report with Humanz

Humanz reports will show you live updates on the performance of your influencer collaborations against your own targets and market benchmarks. These are available in 2 different formats: reports for task-based campaigns which can be found within the campaign interface,  or reports for always-on brand ambassador-type programmes which can be purchased as automated stand-alone reports.

The reports will not only calculate total performance and media ratios across channels, but also show detailed performance, conversion funnel and audience data per channel. You can add your own comments to each section prior to sharing the report with colleagues or customers. 

For conversion-focused campaigns, audience re-targeting data can be requested for usage in your own data management platform or ad-buying account.

Individual media ratios are also calculated and available to review for each individual influencers when considering them for future campaigns. 

Finally, all content is available for review and sharing, with alerts for any deleted or archived content.

Having millions of data points is great but being shown the ones that matter is even better. Like every other feature on Humanz, our reports are there to make your current and future influencer collaborations safer, easier to execute and more effective.  

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