The Selection Process: Part 2

Tips for your bids to stand out on the Humanz app

On Monday we released the first article on what happens after you’ve placed a bid. Today we will be focusing on possible reasons why your bid was unsuccessful. We are also sharing ways to make your social media profile stand out to advertisers. 1. Why is my bid not being selected? Advertisers are normally interested in 2 things: (1) getting great content from creators; and (2) reaching a large and engaged audience that is aligned to their target market. Most briefs should contain that information and campaign managers should pick influencers based on these criteria. Creators with large audiences often stand out first when scrolling through a list but they don’t always get picked. Quality content, high engagement rates and relevance to the specific brief are the most important criteria. Here are some ways you can help the advertiser working on the campaign to spot your profile for campaigns relevant to you: a) Send a short motivation via chat as to why you think you would be a great fit for this campaign;
b) Include in your bio what your top content topics, skills or interests are. As an influencer, you can’t be a jack of all trades; rather be seen as a master of a few;
c) Make sure your feed is full of interesting or beautiful content that is relevant to the campaign you are applying for;
d) Work on improving the engagement rate on your content; respond to questions and comments from your followers; and don’t buy fake followers or people who follow thousands of other accounts. One of the big misconceptions we face is that “Humanz always picks the same influencers”. While we can’t speak for all of the advertisers who use our software, our team has a mandate to try to find new influencers to use for every single campaign. Using some of the tips mentioned above can hopefully help you to stand out. 2. How you can make sure that your bids are NOT selected 🙂 This is a list compiled by a few campaign managers of things they have to deal with at times and makes their job a little harder and less joyous. Try to avoid these if you want to stand out and not make it on their naughty list: a) Not reading the brief or making sure you qualify;
b) Not responding to a message after bidding;
c) Pretending to be something or someone you are not;
d) Being unprofessional or rude. That’s it. We’d love any suggestions or ideas on how we can improve your experience further. Please add them in the comment section below.

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