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Etiquette when collaborating with other influencers

Messaging people without introducing yourself and just sending them your social media handles and saying – ‘Lets follow each other’ is rude and arrogant.
1. Learn to say hello, introduce yourself and compliment a persons content/page
2. If you initiated the the communication then surely you should follow the person you are messaging – why must they follow you if you haven’t followed them.
3. Following multiple accounts only for you to unfollow them after they follow you to make your numbers seem high is fraud and Instagram identifies that….so do Marketing and PR firms.
4. If you intend to collaborate then be prepared to send your social media stats in detail. Ive seen more engagement from people with 500 followers than someone with 30k. The reality is many people have used 3rd party apps to buy their followers.
5. A good attitude and positive vibe will allow you to grow. Stay in your own lane and focus on your own brand, don’t throw shade on other influencers
6. Teamwork makes the dreamwork. I like to engage with influencers who are hard working, humble and passionate.

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