Choosing a niche as an influencer

Maybe you love the idea of being an influencer but you’re not sure what to post about or how to establish your brand. There are millions of influencers using social media every day. It’s become a competitive space for influencers to build a brand, collaborate with advertisers, and establish rapport with your audience. How do you reach an engaged audience and stand out from the rest? Well, one way is finding your niche from the start. Simply put, a niche is a specific topic you’ll focus on. Here are 4 ways to find and develop your niche. 1. Choose a topic The first step in finding your niche is discovering a topic you are passionate about. It could be a craft project, hobby, or a subject you are an expert in. If you’re stuck at this point, write down a few subjects you enjoy learning and speaking about. It could be fashion tips for curvy women or solo travelling. Ask yourself if you know enough to speak or write about this topic. According to blogging statistics, it is estimated that there’ll be more than 31 million influencers by the end of 2020. So, make sure you choose a niche that you can speak about for many years to come. 2. Do your research Once you’ve chosen a subject, the next step is to do market research. Start by establishing your target audience, know who you are writing for, the type of content they enjoy and start planning how you will executive your content on social media. You can search for the niche or related keywords on Google Trends and social media. For example, if luxury beauty is the niche you’ve chosen, search for the terms “luxury beauty influencers” or “top luxury beauty products”. Monitor the social media accounts, the conversations, related keywords and hashtags that appear in the search. Also check the quality of content that appears and how many people have searched for the information. You have to ensure that there is a demand for the content you will share online. 3. Check out the competition Now that you’ve chosen a topic and done market research, check out the competition. If you search for influencers in a specific category, for example fitness, check if it is over-crowded with influencers. If the niche you’ve chosen is too broad, go back to step number 1 (choosing a niche). Alternatively, re-evaluate the niche and see if you can choose another subject within. For example, if the fitness niche is overcrowded, try fitness for stay-at-home parents or fitness for women. The more specific your niche, the better. It means advertisers can look to you as an expert in that subject matter. 4. Is there an opportunity to make money? We get it, some people want to become full-time influencers, while others want to run a side hustle. If you desire to make money through social media campaigns, do your research and speak to other influencers in your niche by asking them if they’ve made money within the last 6 months and where the opportunities lie. Next week, we’ll chat about content strategies and how to implement them into your social media plan. We’d love to hear your thoughts. How did you go about choosing a niche?

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