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There are over 200 “leading” influencer marketing
platforms for basic campaigns and dubious data.
Then there is Humanz.

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Through next-generation technology, Humanz makes influencer marketing safer, more scalable, predictable and rewarding. From planning and forecasting across brands, to management, payment and reporting, there is no other platform you will ever want to use.

Boost Social Sales

Outperform your competitors and own benchmarks by harnessing the power of influencers to drive consideration and action through greater relevance.

Find influencers

Search for influencers based on demographic, geographic and interest data for them or their audience, as well as any prior mention or content.

Monitor ROI

Forecast and review impressions, engagement, conversions and audience fit for influencers both prior and during campaigns.

Eliminate fraud

Leverage the world’s most advanced social fraud detection system to reduce your exposure to fraud from bots, bought followers and other hacks…

Streamline work

Invite influencers or review bids, brief them, chat, approve content and track progress. Collaborate with teams or clients through shareable links.

Grow content

Commission hundreds or thousands of highly effective and affordable content pieces or endorsements from creators for your sites, pages or campaigns.



Using the most advanced techniques in image recognition and natural language processing, combined with deep artificial intelligence, Humanz analyses billions of content pieces and social media profiles to identify fake followers and true influencers, however you choose to define them.

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Working with Humanz

Everything you need to grow your social influence, no matter who you are.


Join the ever-growing Humanz community  with access via the app to better insights about your audiences, an exclusive social network, special offers, early access to content and campaign opportunities.


Upgrade your social media marketing and sales by entrusting Humanz, its community and agency partners to run your social content and influencer marketing campaigns.


Improve the quality of influencer campaigns and significantly reduce the workload by subscribing to the Humanz search engine, influencer tracking or brand report products.


Bring all influencer marketing efforts in-house through the most comprehensive influencer marketing  and fraud detection solutions in the world, as well as direct access to the full Humanz community.

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Our vision is to enable the world’s largest and most engaged community of content creators and advertisers, working together to grow the social selling economy.