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First launched commercially in 2019 in Israel and co-founded by 8200 veterans, Humanz is an AI-powered influencer marketing platform engineered to bring back trust between marketers, content creators and their audiences, aimed at combating influencer fatigue while also measuring true ROI and creating a safe and seamless end-to-end experience for all parties involved.
Marketers, influencers, agencies and talent managers have all described Humanz as the most complete and user-focused platform available on the market.
Humanz is now established in numerous markets, with strong partnerships with leading brand portfolio companies, D2C businesses and agencies, including Unilever, Kimberly-Clark, Nestlé, Cipla,
Reckitt Benckiser, Universal McCann, PHD Network and GroupM.The name “Humanz” comes from its proprietary data technology which audits influencers by analysing all of their profile information and content, as well as that of their followers with public profiles. It assesses true influence by looking for a match between what the influencer claims to be influential in and their top-performing content, with their real-and-active audience’s profile and true interests.You can find out whether Humanz is available in your market by looking at its different global offices in the footer of this website. Parties interested in bringing Humanz to a new market can send enquiries

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