Humanz is Data Driven, Programmatic platform for Micro Influencers Campaigns.

Humanz is an AI-powered platform that makes influencer marketing accessible, reliable and trustworthy for marketers and influencers. The solution addresses the major pain point of marketers being able to identify, in large scale, relevant and authenticated content creators; and to thereafter manage an entire campaign process from influencer selection, content approval, payment and ROI analytics on a single platform. Leading global multinational clients have chosen to use Humanz, including McDonalds, Kimberly-Clark, Zara, L’Oréal, Nestlé, Unilever, Group M, Omnicom and Universal McCann. Humanz has expanded rapidly across territories to satisfy customer demand, with operations in Israel, South Africa, Turkey, Nigeria, Brazil, and the UK – with U.S & Indian operations set to launch in the near future.

Humanz is a social data company. We built a massive data mining engine that gathers data from Social networks (Public Data) and an AI (Machine and deep learning capabilities) Engine that analyses the data. Using the Data we have, we created a data driven, programmatic platform for Influencer marketing campaigns. The Technology enables Agencies and brands to run campaigns using the platform and find Influencers by defining the target Audience.
 The Platform measures campaigns and creates ROI analytics on each and every campaign.

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