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5 starter tips for aspiring influencers

If you’re thinking of becoming an influencer or are using social media to promote your own products or services, here are 5 starter tips to consider. 1. Choose the right social media platform Even though TikTok is trending right now, is it the right platform for your brand? Many times, influencers think they need to have an active account on every social media platform, but you only need 1-3 accounts. While there are popular social media platforms, check out where the majority of your audience hangs out. If 60% of your audience is most active on Twitter, then you should be placing lots of focus there. 2. Create a media kit Before you start pitching to brands, its best to create a professional media kit. A media kit is a portfolio of your brand, displaying the demographics of your audience, highlighting your best work and the services you offer, your contact details and how much you charge for social media posts. Canva has thousands of free media kit templates to download. When approaching a brand for collaboration (or vice versa), you should always attach your media kit. Your media kit is a professional display of your brand and a guideline on how brands can work with you. 3. Content is king A crucial step in reaping great rewards as an influencer is planning your content and being consistent in your posting. When planning content, focus on high-quality posts and images or videos that will add value to your followers while remaining true to your brand. There are many websites that offer free social media calendars. Set aside time to download a suitable calendar and select a theme for each month. Then plan your weekly content around the theme. This is especially handy for influencers who have a full-time job. You can plan content beforehand, which makes posting so much easier. 4. Find the right set of hashtags In addition to great content, hashtags are used to promote, organize and draw attention to a specific topic. There are three purposes for hashtags:
a) Group information within a specific theme
b) Reach target audience
c) Make it easier to find information on social media Make sure you select a group of hashtags that fit within your niche and save them in your notes on your mobile device. Instagram recently blocked certain hashtags so make sure you aren’t using any of them automatically decreases your reach and impressions (it may even prevent anyone from seeing your posts). 5. Make it personal A true connection with your audience is more valuable than the number of followers. Contrary to popular belief, a high number of followers does not equate to high engagement. Show your audience snippets into your lifestyle. Instagram Stories are a great tool to use here. Also remember to respond to DMs, emails and comments timeously. That’s it from us! Now it’s over to you. Which tips are you implementing into your content strategy?

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